1. Where is Battambang?

Battambang is a northwestern province of Cambodia, next to the west border with Thailand and other provinces: Banteay Meanchey, Siem Reap and Pursat. It is the second largest city in Cambodia and founded in the 11th century. During Red Khmer period, almost all the infrastructures were destroyed. Battambang is the largest rice producer in the country. Battambang’s population today is around 250,000 people. It is a city on the river, which is home to some of the country’s best preserved French colonial architecture.

2. Best time to to visit Battambang

Best time to visit Battambang is dry season from December to April next year, which has temperature from 27 to 38 degrees. The rainy season in Battambang lasts from May to November, while the temperature in the rainy season is between 25-30 degrees.

Otherwise, the rainy season is the best time if you want to book a holiday with good price: more option of hotel & tourist places are not too crowed.

3. How to go to Battambang?

Bus or minivan

With a private car, you can go to Battambang from Phnom Penh in about 4 hours. By bus, you can go to Battambang from Phnom Penh with cost around $8-12. And from Siem Reap in 4 hours with cost of $5.

There are buses from Siem Reap to Battambang at 7:30, 10:30 and 13:30. The Capitol bus costs $4.50 if you book directly at their office in Siem Reap, plus they will pick you up from your accommodation for free.

Boat Or Ferry

Boat from Siem Reap to Battambang departing from Siem Reap at 07:00. This way is very interesting and very scenic journey because you can travel along the canals, through numerous enchanting floating villages. It’s a chance to admire the beauty of Tonle Sap Lake.

The crossing can take from 4 to 12 hours, it depends on the time of the year and the water level. You can ask the ticket office for the time of departure & arrival of the boat. The cost is 20 dollars. To reach the pier, you have to catch tuk- tuk from Siem Reap which costs about 5-6 dollars.

During the dry season, when the water level becomes very low, the boats cannot reach Battambang and you have to go by bus.

4. How to move in Battambang?

Tuk tuk

Battambang has both tuk tuk and motodops. A tuk tuk ride around town that costs around a 2 dollar, though drivers can ask for more if there are more passengers. Longer ride to Phnom Sampeu, Phnom Ek, you have to rent a day or half day. For example, you can pay $6 for a half-day visit in the city and $10 for half a day in Phnom Banan and Phnom Sampeu.


Gecko Cafe has rental bikes for $7 per day, ($ 5 for half a day) and bikes for $2. Numerous hotels and guest houses will offer similar services at similar prices such as Soksabike and Today Tours (only $1), in street 1/5, Sunrise Cafe near the main market and BTK Bikes in street 2/5 have adequate mountain bikes for $5 or $6 per day.

5. What to do in Battambang?

Try excellent gastronomy

Khmer gastronomy is not popular like Thai & Viet but it does have its special style. Fresh fish is main ingredient combined with local spices such as Kampot pepper, chilli & palm. Main dishes often derive from Indian origin such as curry & stir-fried dishes with lots of oil from Sichuan region. You can see some Thai dishes such as tom yum & papaya salad in daily meal. French toasted baguette sometimes used as main course.

Some suggestions for you such as the Pomme d’Amor or Lotus restaurant specializing in classic French cuisine or Cambodian dishes combined with French cuisine. Jaan Bai restaurant is famous for combining Cambodian, Thai and Vietnamese dishes.

Tour in bicycle

A bicycle ride to explore the countryside in the suburbs is one of the interesting experiences when traveling to Battambang. You can take this trip to discover in half a day or a day with the Soksabike tour or rent a bicycle yourself.

This journey will take you through the vast green rice fields, the beautiful villages, the pure pagodas, visiting the traditional local villages such as wine production, weaving, etc. Everything will bring the most honest experience about people’s lives here.


Kayaking to explore the floating villages on the lake is really worthy trying when you visit Battambang. Green Orange Kayaks, a non-governmental organization, offers free English language training to locals by offering kayak tours to tourists.

By renting a kayak, you will start your journey from the village of Ksach Poy, the small village on the outskirts of Battambang, along the Stung Sangke river and back to the city. During the kayak, visitors will breath the fresh air, rowing on river and looking at the breathtaking natural scenery on both sides of the river.

Climbing to Sampeau Hill

The Sampeau hill in Battambang is a destination for historical lovers. During the journey to conquer the top of Sampeau hill, you will visit the Killing cave where it was once used by the red Khmer army to kill over ten thousand innocent war victims.

On the top of Sampeau there is also the location of a peaceful temple, where the bones of the victims of the war are kept in glass cages. The journey to the top of the Sampeau hill will be a journey into the past to better understand and feel the loss of the Cambodian people.

Cooking class

If you love Cambodian cuisine or cooking in general, you can take a cooking class right in Battambang. Smokin ‘Pot Restaurant has been the first place to cook Cambodian dishes for foreign visitors to Cambodia for 14 years. The lessons usually last 3 hours, starting from the grocery store to buy food and ending with the visitors’ final product, a unique and delicious dining table. It’s nice to eat your food. Do it yourself, isn’t it?

Bamboo Train

One of the most impressive things about Battambang is its “unique” vehicle called norris or foreign visitors often called it Bamboo Train. The bamboo train is a popular, fast and cheap form of transportation in Battambang, you can take a round with 8 USD/trip.

Wat Ek Phnom

Ek Phnom Temple, about 45 minutes from Battambang, is a ruin of the early 11th Angkorian Hindu temple under the sovereign Suryavarman I. The temple is in bad conditions but worthy to visit. The river runs to Ek Phnom from Battambang is a beautiful scene, especially in rainy season.

Romcheick Pram Museum

If you are an art lover and want to explore Khmer art, you cannot miss this destination. From the beginning of four simple huts to offer local artists a creative space in 2011, the Romcheick Pram Museum has become an important exhibition space for works of art from the city of Battambang – considered the capital of contemporary art in Cambodia.

Today, Romcheick is still the residence of some artists, the exhibition and promotion of their works at home and abroad also bring support to the center. In a country that had once been all affected by the violence and exploitation of the Pol Pot dictatorship, an artist like Hour Seyha built a base for the art community here to develop Cambodian art. Romcheick’s latest project is a permanent museum of modern art which was launched in September 2018.

Phare Circus

Visit the Phare Ponleu Selpak night circus and watch classic shows such as rope balancing, juggling, stick dance, disco dance, dance and other special shows.

Coffee Shop

Caffè Eden offers a large variety of coffees, all served by its well-trained baristas. Food is served all day and includes options for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

Choco L´Art Cafe is managed by a Franco-Khmer couple. Homemade delicacies, bread, cakes and desserts were served freshly every day. Breakfast and lunch are also served.

Founded in 2009, Kinyei Cafe has trained and found work for over 80 young Cambodians in the area. In addition to the chill atmosphere, coffee beans are one of the best you will find in the country.

6. What to eat in Battambang?

If you want something traditional, just find the small street stalls and ask Kuy Teav – the traditional breakfast made from a pork or beef broth, glass noodle, fried garlic and shallots, sprouts and fresh herbs. There are also small fish balls or beef.

7. Hotel in Battambang

Here are some high quality hotels in Battambang:

  • Classy Hotel
  • Maison Wat Kor
  • Battambang resort

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