Song Saa

Song Saa

When you make a travel plan this summer, perhaps you should think about Cambodia – the country right next to Vietnam, which is known as the kingdom of magnificent temples. Not only Angkor Wat, Koh Rong or Phnom Penh, Cambodia also has an oasis of love that is still very new to travelers all over the world. Its name is Song Saa. Here a simple guide for who want to explore this luxurious island resort.

1. Why we should go to Song Saa?

In Khmer, Song Saa means “lover” - a very cute name for an island. Pristine but still warm, Song Saa makes people feel like they are completely separate from the world but still at home. Just blue sea, white sand, unlimited horizon and cool breeze stays with you. Song Saa is the best option for a luxury vacation in Cambodia and of course, the most expensive one.

Please note that you need to book about 4 months before travel date to have room.

2. The story of Song Saa

The first private island in Cambodia has a very meaningful formation process. When the Australian couple Melita and Rosy came to stay in Cambodia, they went to Song Saa Island incidentally when the island is being seriously damaged by environmental problems.

Working as a designer they quickly realized the wild beauty here and decided to buy the island. After that, both of them renovated the island, turning Song Saa into a luxury resort, creating many jobs for the locals. Thanks to the improved environment, this has also become a rich natural marine reservation.

During the construction of Song Saa Island, Melita was diagnosed with cancer. However, Melita still kept fighting with the illness while fulfilling her life’s dream. The strong will to live and the hard journey she went through has become a positive inspiration for many people with the motto of living: “Follow your heart!”.

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3. How to get to Song Saa?

Song Saa resort is located on two islands, Koh Ouen and Koh Bong, which belong to the Koh Rong archipelago. First, you have to move to the Sihanoukville port city by plane or bus. Next, there are a free shuttle bus operated by resort from Sihanoukville International Airport and a shuttle boat from the city to Song Saa Island.

4. Room & Price

The resort has a total of 27 villas, divided into two main areas: a floating villa and jungle villa. All of the villas are designed in native architecture, each villa has a private swimming pool and one or two bedrooms. The bed and bathroom overlook the ocean. You completely stay in nature and silence.

There are 4 types of rooms: Jungle Room (the cheapest room with price about 1000USD/night), Oceanview Room, Over Water Room (accommodate up to 3 people, the 4th person will be charged extra) and Over Water Villa (This room is suitable for groups of up to 5 people). You can use free wifi throughout the island.

Price is not a problem if you dare to stay in paradise!

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5. Relaxed Activities & Service in Song Saa

The resort will have a number of services such as spa, sunbathing, visiting pristine forests, snorkeling, surfing or kayaking.

You can also visit the fishing village of Prek Sway under the guidance of the staff of the resort to understand more about life in Cambodia. Hiking in the jungle is an undeniable activity for nature lovers. An outdoor barbecue will be a good suggestion for a group of friends.

Sunset on Song Saa Island is also an experience you cannot miss. Admire and watch the red sky over the horizon fade away, enjoy a fanciful night with the starry sky is really a classy experience that fulfills your dream.

song saa

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