Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay

1. Where is Lan Ha Bay?

Lan Ha Bay is located off the coast of the beautiful coastal city of Hai Phong and about 30 km from the city center.2. Why should you go to Lan Ha Bay?

Compared with Ha Long Bay, the density of limestone mountains here is thicker and very unspoiled, dividing the sea surface into small bays. Many villages, bays, and caves have not been discovered.

Different from Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay has up to 139 small, lovely and deserted golden sandy beaches like “green strait” inviting visitors to explore. Many sandy beaches stretching between two rocky mountains, quiet with no big waves, are really ideal beaches.

Fishing Village on Lan Ha Bay is still actually inhabited.

lan ha bay

2. When to visit Lan Ha Bay?

From April to June, the weather has almost started to be hot to be able to go to the beach, on this occasion, the sea breeze is usually relatively gentle, so moving on the bay is quite comfortable.

Around July-August, there might be storms and tropical depressions in the North that affect the whole region, you should pay attention to the weather before going, avoid going on occasions when the sea has strong winds.

From after September onwards, the number of tourists coming to the island is not much, you can comfortably play water sports such as kayaking, mountain climbing… The cost of going this season is also relatively much cheaper.

3. How to get to Lan Ha Bay?

To get to Lan Ha Bay, you have to go from Hanoi to Hai Phong city and then to the Got ferry to Cat Ba Island, from the center of Cat Ba Island, you will easily catch a cruise to visit Lan Ha Bay, the southern part of the island is the mooring place for cheap yachts of 2 to 3 stars for backpackers and the northern area of the island near Cai Vieng wharf is home to 4 and 5-star cruises.

It is impossible to go from Ha Long Bay’s wharves to Lan Ha Bay because these are the 2 bays that are administratively different.

lan ha bay cat ba island

4. Luxury cruises on Lan Ha Bay

Orchid Cruise 5 *

Orchid Cruise includes 14 cabins, scoring with visitors by the spacious rooms, luxurious soaking tub. The smallest room is 36 square meters, the largest is 72 square meters, giving you many options depending on individual needs.Azalea Cruise 5*

Yacht Azalea consists of 20 cabins fully equipped with a large bathtub, air conditioning, mini bar,… providing the most comfort for visitors. The space of the ship is a harmonious combination of modern style and a bit of nostalgia.

Mon Cheri Cruise 5 *

Coming to Mon Cheri, you will experience quality services, 5* class on the island such as spa, gym, bar,… Besides the luxurious design, the highlight of the tourist The boats are all rooms with balconies, allowing you to fully admire the beautiful natural scenery of this place.

Mon Cheri Cruise

Era Cruise 5*

The biggest advantage of this yacht is the very large room area (the smallest room is 47 square meters), especially suitable when traveling with families or large groups.

La Regina Cruise 5 *

The ship’s schedule will go to Lan Ha Bay, Ba Trai Dao beach,… These are unspoiled destinations of Ha Long Bay.

5. Activities on the bay


With many beautiful beaches on the bay, you can freely swim and play on the beach. In addition, in the bay area, there are also many lakes in the middle of the sea with a life jacket you can freely jump into.


With the potential of the landscape, the Ha Bay area is relatively suitable for diving activities. The average water level at the diving sites is about 4-5m, the coral layer, the very beautiful and rich marine life will attract tourists. This activity is being promoted to apply for permission and investment to put into operation as soon as possible.


For a convenient location to paddle, you should rent a boat to see the bay (or simply buy a kayaking tour). Usually, the boats will take you to quiet areas, near the shore, easier to paddle (paddling in the high waves so it is very tiring). Some places to go kayaking are Dark Cave, Hang Sang, Me Kong, Ba Trai Dao beach.

baia Lan Ha kayaking

Adventurous mountain climbing

Mountain climbing on Cat Ba beach is very attractive to tourists, especially foreigners. There are dozens of climbing spots on the islands of Lan Ha Bay, on the mainland, and around the Cat Ba area, creating a highlight for Ngoc Island tourism with rocky cliffs, challenging those who love the sport and adventure.7. Places to visit on the bay

Lan Ha Bay Floating Market

Not the large-scale floating markets like in the west of the river, in fact, these are floating rafts of people living on the bay, where they stay to look after the rafts.

Cai Beo fishing village

Cai Beo fishing village (also known as Phung O fishing village) is one of the largest ancient floating villages in the country in prehistoric times. This is a fishing village with about 300 households. The life of the inhabitants of Cai Beo fishing village is closely related to fishing activities and cage farming in the bay.

baia Lan Ha villaggio galleggiante Cai Beo

Monkey Island

Monkey Island (Cat Dua Island) is located about 1 km from Cat Ba town. To get to Monkey Island, tourists usually take a boat from Beo wharf, which takes about 10 minutes to go through Cai Beo fishing village, pass a few small islands and head straight to Monkey Island. In the past, Monkey Island was called Cat Dua Island because there are many wild pineapple trees, which look delicious but cannot be eaten. People who go fishing often come and take them home to soak in cool drinking water or to dry them as medicine for diabetes treatment.

Monkey island

Van Boi beach

This is a destination chosen by tourists for kayaking as well as swimming because it is located in the calm part of the bay, cool blue water, and beautiful landscapes. Near this area, there are also bungalows of a hotel for guests to stay.

Three Peaches Island

This is a place not far from Viet Hai pier, this area has a beautiful beach, fine white sand, clear blue sea, beautiful sunny days, visitors can see to the bottom of the water. However, one day this place only floats for a few hours, then the sandy beaches will be submerged under the sea at high tide.

Light Cave - Dark Cave

This is the stop that ships taking guests to Lan Ha Bay during the day usually stop, located about 12km from Ben Beo (about 1h30 ′ by train), this is considered a paradise for you to kayak with an underground cave system. interesting.

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