Moc Chau

Moc Chau

1. Best time to visit Moc Chau

Moc Chau is beautiful all year round. Depend on your schedule, you can choose the most suitable time.From April to August: the weather is quite good, you can visit tea hills and Moc Chau is full of flowers.

From October to December, you can take photos with cabbage flowers. They are white and brilliant with morning dew.

2. How to get to Moc Chau

Moc Chau is 180km away from Hanoi. Moving along the National Road 6 (Quoc Lo 6) normally takes from 4 to 6 hours. Thanks to the width and surface flatness, this area is relatively accessible. Thus, there are many transportation options available.

2.1. By coach

Coaches from Giap Bat, My Dinh, Yen Nghia, and Thanh Xuan Stations depart from 4 AM to 11 PM. There are two types:
– 16 to 29-seat-coach mainly runs during daytime: 130 000VND/passenger
– Space coach runs both day and night: 160 000VND/passengerPrices are subject to change during holiday seasons, especially in Tet Holiday. There are pros and cons regarding traveling during daytime or nighttime.

– If passengers travel during the daytime, they can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Northwest amidst the fog, the villages on both sides of the road with the forests and peach trees.
– If you opt for the night, you can rest in preparation for the next day full of new experiences in coaches that provide beds.

moc chau

2.2. Rented taxis, motorbikes

– Rented motorbike: 250 000VND/bike/day
– Rented taxi: 400 000VND -> 1 200 000VND/trip depending on the time and destination.

2.3. Personal car or bike

There are two ways to drive:
– Nguyen Trai -> Ha Dong -> National Road 6 (Quoc Lo 6)
– Lang Hoa Lac, Xuan Mai -> National Road 6 (Quoc Lo 6)
Take caution of fog and slippery

3. Where to stay in Moc Chau

– Muong Thanh Holiday Moc Chau
– Moc Chau Arena Village

4. What to visit in Moc Chau

4.1. Tea Hills

With the cool climate and red soil, Moc Chau is the ideal place to grow tea. Tea is grown in huge fields on the hills. Along the small streets in Moc Chau, you can easily see the sweet green tea hills. The hills are not as big as those in Chiang Mai or Dalat but it is grown in a very pretty form. Tea is grown all year round but the hills are most beautiful in the summer. The hill of the heart is the most beautiful place to take photos.Tea made from the valley is well-known thanks to its high quality. Don’t hesitate to try tea when you visit Moc Chau. It is the secret of keeping the beauty of Vietnamese girls.

moc chau tee hill

4.2. The plum gardens

When spring comes, all the area is covered in the color of pink-plum blossoms. It is an unlimited inspiration for photographers. Plum blossoms are the symbol of spring and much more beautiful than the cherry blossoms in Japan. You can stop in any garden on the way to take photos.

This fruit is very rich in vitamins C and very good for those who want to lose weight. If you want to take pictures with flowers, spring will be the best time to visit. If you want to eat plum fruit, summer will be the ideal season. The village of Pa Co and Long Luong village are two most beautiful plum gardens.

Moc chau plum garden

4.3. Hmong village

The Hmong people immigrated to Moc Chau a hundred years ago and here it becomes one of the countries where it still retains its culture very well. For photographers, traditional clothes are the most attractive things of the Hmong people.
When you pay a visit to the villages a little far from the center, you can still see the Hmong children playing in traditional clothes.

4.4. Pha Luong Summit

Pha Luong Summit is located near the boundary of Vietnam and Laos, peaking almost 2000 meters. You will have to spend at least four hours walking to conquer the Summit. It is not without difficulty to negotiate your way through the path but the fruit you achieve at the end of the day never fails to satisfy the champions. Upon reaching the top, you will be able to stand on blocks of enormous rocks piling against one another to view the cloud and floristic composition, the forest, the villages of not one but two countries Viet-Laos, which proves to be a lucrative bonus! There is just a little obstacle is that you can only complete your Pha Luong Summit trip within one day since you cannot stay overnight here. Nevertheless, the experience you have the chance to go through will leave you under a spell.

4.5. Dai Yem Waterfall

Dai Yem Waterfall is also known as Lady Waterfall (Thac Nang) or Ban Vat Waterfall. The name Dai Yem derives from the tale that the fall is the shirt of the lady who rescues the man from the raging flood. It is ideal to visit from April to October for the powerful and impressive flow, embellished by the dazzlingly white foam.

Moc chau Dai Yem waterfall

5. Itinerary to visit Moc Chau

– 2 days 1 night:
Day 1: Hanoi – Moc Chau: Tea hill visit – Dai Yem Water Fall
Day 2: Plum garden – Back to Hanoi.

– 3 days 2 nights:
Day 1: Hanoi – Moc Chau: Tea hill visit – Dai Yem Water Fall
Day 2: Pha Luong trekking
Day 3: Back to Hanoi.

6. What to eat in Moc Chau?

There are many delicious dishes you must try at Moc Chau, including fried veal with butter, roasted buffalo, roasted fish or five-color sticky rice.

7. What to buy for souvenirs?

Moc Chau is also very famous for milk products, don’t forget to try yogurt, milk cake, fresh milk. Dry fruit is another gift for visitors here: plum, strawberry, etc.

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