Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc

1. The northern part

The northern part has lots of authentic experiences for you to discover.

1.1 Pepper Garden

In this area, on the road from the heart of Duong Dong island to Ganh Dau, there are many pepper gardens. Phu Quoc pepper is very famous throughout Vietnam for its excellent quality and intense taste. In this area, you can see the cries of pepper, take beautiful photos in the open as well as see the procedures for making the pepper that we consume and in the end, we can buy it as a gift when we return.

Pepper Garden

1.2 Ganh Dau

Then, ​​Ganh Dau is an isolated beauty that lies between the white sand and the blue sea. From Ganh Dau, in particular, it is possible to see the forest of Cambodia from a distance. Furthermore, many kinds of seafood are sold at a very favorable price here.

1.3 Bai Dai

It is worth going also to Bai Dai – Long Beach (1500m). This is one of the 10 most beautiful and primitive beaches in the world with the typical and romantic view of the sea with the beach and coconut plants.

1.4 Mui Dinh Cau

For those who want to learn about the culture and beliefs of people there, Mui Dinh Cau is a must-visit attraction. Here lies Dinh Cau temple, which dedicated to the God of the sea for so long with the unique architecture. Inhabitants on the island often visit the temples to pray for the peace in the soul, luck especially for fishermen every time they land.

Near Dinh Cau, in the evening, you can also visit the night market with lots of goods including, mainly seafood, especially its delicious specialties such as gỏi cá trích (Primera herring rolls), grilled or steamed sea snails, etc.

mui dinh cau

1.5 The Springs

There are also many streams in Phu Quoc (in Vietnamese: Suối), including Suoi Tranh, Suoi Da Ban, Suoi Da Ngon, etc.

In particular, the Suoi Tranh (about 15km) which is a beautiful spring from June to October with crystal waterfalls. Walking 300m on a small road, you will reach a very large area suitable for camping, slitting or simply relaxing. Visitors can dive or dip their feet on the crystal clear water admiring the tranquility and breathing fresh air.

1.6 Vinpearl Land

Additionally, families with children can get on the Sun World cable car to visit the zoo with lots of wild animals.

phu quoc vinpearl land

2. The eastern and southern part

The eastern & southern part has a lot of beautiful beaches and islands for you to discover.

2.1 Bai Sao

The Bai Sao or Star Beach is recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc. This is the place not to be missed for those who love taking pictures. In addition, in the surroundings, there are also beautiful pepper gardens.

phu quoc sao beach

2.2 Ham Ninh Village

Ham Ninh fishing village is an ideal place for those who want to discover the daily life of the inhabitants on the island. In particular, the houses in this village are made from bamboo with palm leaves. The inhabitants collect the pearls, they mostly fish for sea cucumbers and big crabs, a specialty of Ham Ninh.

There is also the “cellar” of fish sauce – one of the specialties typical sauce.

Ham Ninh village

2.3 The isolated islands

The list of places to visit and what to do in Phu Quoc continues with An Thoi archipelago. The archipelago contains 15 islets with a sea depth of about 30m. In An Thoi archipelago, you not only can admire the natural beauty but also dive to see the choirs or fish, etc. Some suggested tourist sites are the Bai Sao, the Bai Khem, the Hon Dăm, the Hon May Rut, the Hòn Mong Tay and the Phu Quoc prison.

In An Thới, we should not miss Hon Móng Tay (the Nail island). There is no one lives here; hence no other service is available. Therefore, it is perfect for camping or to discover the wild nature and to see the choirs.

Near  An Thoi port, Hon Dam/Hon Gam Ghi is also known as the “Robinson Island” or the island of love. The island is so peaceful as it has no people except the bamboo houses and the sound of the waves which is very preferable and romantic for the couple. Here, you experience Robinson’s life without the internet and you only use solar energy by circling the island in a small boat to watch the sunset with the only homestay.

Another very special place is Mui Ong Doi, the only place where you can admire both the sunrise and the sunset with fabulous landscapes.

an thoi island

2.4 Phu Quoc Prison

We also visit in the past with a visit to the coconut prison on Phu Quoc, called the hell on the ground. It was built 50 years ago by the Americans during the war. This place witnessed the terrible tortures to Vietnamese and now becomes the testimonies of themselves after the war.

2.5 Sun World Cable Car

Furthermore, for families with children, they could visit the cable car of Sun World to see the island from the highest place.

In short, Phu Quoc is attractive not only for the luxurious resorts but also for the simplicity and primitive beauty of nature and the hospitality of the inhabitants. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the breathtaking nature and the small islands and quiet beaches.

Sun World Cable Car

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